16 Spring-Ford senior student/athletes announce their college destinations

Sixteen Spring-Ford High senior student/athletes (10 boys, 6 girls), representing seven scholastic sports and all three NCAA Division levels, announced their college destinations during a a recent event at the high school attended by family, coaches and friends.
All photos courtesy of Spring-Ford athletic department
Harry Adieyefeh – Football – Shepherd (W.Va.) University
Seated (L-R): Harry Adieyefeh, Sr. (father), Harry Adieyefeh, Tracy Adieyefeh (mother). Standing (L-R): Henry Adieyefeh (uncle), Pam Adieyefeh (aunt), Linda Smith (grandmother), Ken Smith (grandfather)
Position: Running back
Major athletic awards: 2021 Second team All-PAC Liberty RB, Second team All-Area (Mercury) RB
College Major: Marketing/Management
Parents: Tracy and Harry Adieyefeh, Sr.
Luke Czachor – Baseball - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Seated (L-R): Paul Czachor (father), Luke Czachor, Francesca Czachor (mother). Standing (L-R): Megan Czachor (sister), Rick Harrison (Spring-Ford head baseball coach)
Position: LH Pitcher
College Major: Engineering Management
Parents: Francesca and Paul Czachor
Haley Dennison – Soccer – Nazareth College    
Seated (L-R): Karen Dennison (mother), Haley Dennison, Mike Dennison (father). Standing (L-R): Hannah Dennison (sister), Aidan Dennison (brother)
College Major: Physical Therapy
Parents: Karen and Mike Dennison
Ian Harvie – Football – Penn State
Seated (L-R): David Harvie (father), Ian Harvie, Suzanne Harvie (mother). Standing (L-R): Emma Harvie (sister), Chad Brubaker (Spring-Ford head football coach)
Position: Offensive line (Editor’s note: Ian is a preferred walk-on with the Nittany Lions)
Major athletic awards: 2021 First team All-PAC Liberty OL, First team All-Area (Mercury) OL
College Major: Business
Parents: Suzanne and David Harvie
Ryan Horvath – Sprint football – Penn
Seated (L-R): Ted Horvath (father), Ryan Horvath, Sharon Horvath (mother). Standing (L-R): Chad Brubaker (Spring-Ford head coach), Natasha Scotti, Sam Horvath (brother)
Position: Linebacker
Major athletic awards: 2021 First team All-PAC Liberty Linebacker
College Major: Economics
Parents: Sam and Sharon Horvath
Kaleigh Hudson - Track and field - UNC - Wilmington
Seated (L-R): Paula Hudson (mother), Kaleigh Hudson, Steve Hudson (father). Standing (L-R) Barbara Heim (grandmother), Danielle Stauffer (Spring-Ford head coach), Rick Heim (grandfather)
Events; Sprints
Major athletic awards: 2021 - First team All-Area (Mercury) and first team All-PAC Liberty (100, 200)
College Major: Undecided
Parents: Paula and Steve Hudson
Reese Kershner – Soccer – Villanova
Seated (L-R): Bobby Kershner (father), Reese Kerchner, Mandi Kershner (mother). Standing (L-R): Dane Kershner (brother), Blaire Kershner (sister), Jewel Kershner (sister), Ryan Freed, Tim Raub (Spring-Ford head coach)
Position: Midfielder
Major athletic awards: 2021 First team All-PAC Liberty midfielder, First team All-Area (Mercury) midfielder
College Major: Undecided
Parents: Mandi and Bobby Kershner
Kolten Kqira – Football – Clarion
Seated (L-R): Pren Kqira (father), Kolten Kqira, Shelby Kqira (mother). Standing (L-R): Prena Zimmerman (sister), Kelvin Zimmerman (brother in law)
Position: Wide receiver
Major athletic awards: 2021 First team All-PAC Liberty wide receiver
College Major: Marketing
Parents: Shelby and Pren Kqira
Ryan Lepore – Wrestling – Alvernia
Seated (L-R): Joe Lepore (father), Ryan Lepore, Lisa (mother). Standing (L-R): Amanda Lepore (sister), Tim Seislove (Spring-Ford head wrestling coach)
Weight Class: Middleweight (145, 152)
Major Athletic Awards: 2021-22 Section 3rd place; Region qualifier (DNP), 35-11 record in 2021-22, 44-17 career record
College Major: Physical Therapy
Parents: Lisa and Joe Lepore
Dominic Ortlip – Wrestling – West Liberty University
Seated (L-R) Kelly Ortlip (mother), Dominic Ortlip, Ryan Ortlip (father), Standing (L-R) Vinny Ortlip (brother), Tim Seislove (Spring-Ford head wrestling coach)
Weight Class: 120, 126
Major Athletic Awards: 3-time state qualifier; 2021-22 Section 2nd, Region 5th, State DNP, 30-14; 2020-21 Section 1st, Region 3rd, State DNP, 19-5; 2019-20 Section 1st, Region 4th, State DNP, 21-12; 2018-19 Section 5th, 16-20; 4-year career record 86-51
College Major: Pre-Med
Parents: Ryan and Kelly Ortlip
Allison Plitnick – Volleyball – Moravian University
Seated (L-R):  Jeannine Plitnick (Mother), Ally Plitnick, Chris Plitnick (Father)
Position: Setter
Major Athletic Awards: Volleyball – 2021 All-PAC Liberty first team; 2021 All-Area (Mercury) first team
College Major: Environmental Science and Public Health
Parents: Jeannine and Chris Plitnick
Scott Renk – Baseball - SUNY Cobleskill
Seated: (L-R): John Renk (father), Scott Renk, Terrie Renk (mother); Standing (L-R) John Renk (brother), Cliff Jurkiewicz (uncle)
Position: First Base
College Major: Undecided
Parents: Terrie and John Renk
Alex Teufel - Track and field - Clemson
Seated (L-R): Steve Teufel (father), Alex Teufel, Kim Teufel (mother). Standing (L-R) Danielle Stauffer (Spring-Ford head track coach)
Events: Pole vault, decathlon, heptathlon
Major athletic awards: 2021 All-Area (Mercury) 1st team pole vault; 2021 All-PAC 1st team pole vault
College Major: Business Management
Parents: Kim and Steve Teufel
Cole Turner – Football – Bloomsburg
Seated (L-R) Blake Turner (brother), Cole Turner, Erin Turner (mother), Standing (L-R) Rob Nash, Chad Brubaker (Spring-Ford head football coach), Celine Safa (Note: father Keino Turner unable to attend press conference)
Position: Defensive back
Major athletic awards: 2021 All-PAC Liberty 1st team defensive back; 2021 All-Area (Mercury) 1st team defensive back
College Major: Criminal Justice
Parents: Erin and Keino Turner
Liv Watt – Soccer - Shepherd (W.Va.) University
Seated (L-R): Ryan Watt (father), Liv Watt, Megan Watt (mother)
Position: Midfield/Defense
Major athletic awards: 2021 All-PAC Liberty second team; 2021 All-Area (Mercury) honorable mention
College Major: Psychology
Parents: Megan and Ryan Watt
Raven Wellington – Soccer – Lincoln Memorial University
Seated (L-R): Steven Wellington (father), Raven Wellington, Tina Wellington (mother). Standing (L-R): Justin Wellington (brother), Tim Raub (Spring-Ford head coach), Skylar Wellington (brother)
Major: Nursing
Parents: Tina and Steven Wellington